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Online Marketing

Online marketing is not difficult... when you know how. The difficult part is to find the right resources and spending the time in search of them.

JMC is an online marketing concern focused on the sale of products and services for clients world-wide. We specialize in transporting "brick and mortar" companies into a successful Internet environment.  

We realize that the PrePaid Legal product is evolving into a "click and mortar" effort and that anyone who uses tried and tested online marketing techniques is sure to become a top performer.  It is because of our involvement as an associate with PrePaid Legal that we have created this associate resource site.  

In creating this site, we have drawn upon our years of experience and have put together what we feel is the finest collection of online resources for your use.  While most of them are free and some are "for pay", all are very important ingredients to your online marketing success.

To your success,

J.R. Orsoni