AdQuick: Offering A Better Advertising Alternative for Web Masters, Blog Owners and Advertisers
By: Philip Tyler

A great solution for webmasters who'd like a better way to advertise, text ads are becoming increasingly popular as more people start to take advantage of this simple and inexpensive concept. AdQuick stands to serve the webmaster community by offering an easy-to-access marketplace where webmasters and even blog owners can buy and sell text ad space on their websites. Since text based advertisements are relatively simple to set up and maintain, AdQuick offers an invaluable service to anyone interested in purchasing and selling text based advertisements.

In addition to the community of webmasters and blog owners, AdQuick also offers their services to advertisers looking for a cheap, efficient way to market their product or website. As with any advertising campaign, it's important to maximize every dollar you spend. This means that as an advertiser, you want to create text that will resonate with viewers and compel them to click. With AdQuick, you are in control of the websites you'd like to advertise on, so you'll have a clear image of the types of people who will be viewing your advertisements. With that in mind, it's important to tailor your text ads to fit with the websites you'll be advertising on.

Unlike many of their competitors, AdQuick offers webmasters an astronomical 80% pay rate, payable every 14 days. Additionally, the company is currently creating a text ad calculator which will enable webmasters and blog owners to input their website address and obtain an estimate of what they should charge for text ads on their particular website. A convenient tool for website owners, the text ad calculator will surely prove invaluable to anyone who may be unsure what to charge advertisers to buy text ad space on their websites.

Whether you're a blog owner or a webmaster looking to earn a bit of money, or an advertiser searching for new places to market your product, AdQuick stands to meet your needs with affordable, efficient text based advertising. A virtual marketplace where website owners and advertisers can search for the greatest deals, many people can benefit from the services AdQuick offers. As an advertising method, text ads have risen to the challenge and offer an inexpensive alternative to flashy banners or buttons. What's more, text ads take up less space than most advertising methods which allow you the freedom to place your ads virtually anywhere! A convenient service for any website owner, AdQuick leaves their competition in the dust.

About The Author

Philip Tyler the CEO of AdQuick shows of the great new features that will enable webmaster to make money from their websites by selling text ad space.

This article was posted on October 09, 2006
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