Are You Spending Too Much Time on Your Online Business?
By: Wyatt Lee

This is especially true if you are new to the cut-throat world of Internet marketing. You will be overloaded with too much information and bogus ebooks, so much so that you are not sure where you are heading.

My friend, the keyword here is automation. You would want your online business to run totally on auto-pilot, constantly raking in the profits 24/7, and with minimal effort on your part. So how do you achieve that? Here are some things about Internet marketing which you would need to know.

1. Your own digital salesman

What is this digital sales man I am talking about? It is your sales page, and this is the heart of your automated online business. It will do all the selling for you, and take all the orders online via an order button. All you need to do is just to monitor your sales. Your next Internet marketing strategy is to drive lots of traffic to your sales page.

2. Plant the seeds of success now, and reap the rewards later

You will never achieve anything without any initial effort on your part. You would need to plant the seeds of success now, so that your online business will truly run on auto-pilot in future. You can concentrate on some Internet marketing strategies that will last for a long time, and one of them is article marketing. This strategy involves submitting articles to articles directories. Your articles will contain your biography where you showcase your products and services, and they will give you back links that stay in the directories for a long, long time.

Another way is to market in forums, where you can promote your services at the end of your posts via your signature box, giving you back links that will stay on the Internet for many years to come.

3. Set up your own affiliate program

This Internet marketing strategy will take a bit of work. You would need some special software and get some decent web hosting to host your affiliate program. A more easier way is to join other popular affiliate programs like Clickbank and Commission Junction. All you need to do is just sign-up, get your affiliate URL, and the affiliate network will do everything for you, including the sales and processing of the checks. All you need to do is just to promote the affiliate link.

4. Instant delivery of your product

This is essential if you are selling digital downloads. Instant delivery can be executed via a Thank You page after your new customers have ordered your product through the payment processor's page. Your download link to your product will be located on your Thank You page, where you would also express your thanks and appreciation for the business that your new customers have given you.

5. Build your own mailing list

This is just like building your own network of clients who will be more than willing to listen to all of your offers. The difficult part is to maintain the trust with your paying customers in your mailing list. After all, they have paid good money for your services, and the least you can do is to reward them with some after-sales customer service. Building and maintaining your own mailing list is absolutely vital if you are to truly put your online business on auto-pilot.

There you have it. The complete Internet marketing system that will guarantee that your online business will virtually run on automation. You would have your own digital salesman that will do all the selling for you 24/7, your own payment processor page, your Thank You page that will do all the product deliveries, and of course your mailing list system that will capture contact details of prospects who are not ready to buy your products at first, so that you can follow-up on them for your future offers.

And the best part of this system is that, in time to come, it will ultimately run everything by itself. All you need to do is just spend a couple of hours a day monitoring your sales, and watch the checks roll in. But please understand that nothing in this world happens by magic, so you would need to give this system some time to develop.

You would need to have lots of patience, as there are going to be lots of adjustments and testing for you to do to make sure that each and every aspect of the system can achieve optimal results for your online business.

About The Author

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This article was posted on October 10, 2006
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