How To Increase Your Online Sales & Revenue With This Simple Viral Twist
By: Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim

Warning: The technique I'm about to share with you here is relatively unheard of. It involves a sneaky viral twist to it that will increase both your website traffic and online sales even if you may have a less-than-desirable product to sell.

How it works: You offer a product online for sale at $97. You list all the features and benefits of your product as well as the glowing testimonials you received from your previous customers or your product testers. Your sales copy is so hot, any human being reading it would have no pulse if he doesn't order your product straight away.

Okay, we make an exception for those who truly don't have any money right now. But don't worry, the technique I'm about to share with you can even help these people.

Suddenly, as your prospect reads through your sales letter and is about to click on the red hot and waiting order button of your sales letter, he is slammed with a surprise offer.

You tell him, "Want my product for only $27? I'll slash a huge chunk off the price if you tell 2 friends about my website!"

What do you think is going to happen?

What would you do if you are your prospect?

Would you purchase for $97 or $27 (and 2 friends)?

You'd obviously go for the $27 offer right?

Now imagine that about 99% of your prospects who really want your product choose the $27 option.

What would happen to your website traffic? What would this mean to your online sales? How much would your revenue increase?

You do the Math!

Now, it's actually pretty simple to set up a mechanism like this to increase the sales of your product not to mention your website traffic. If you've had some experience creating your own sales letter, setting up your website, etc, you should take no longer than 30 minutes (or even less) to set up something like this.

Here, let me offer you a free "Tell Your Friend" viral marketing script that lets you give your referrers an incentive bonus after they tell their friends about your website:-

There are no gimmicks, no rituals, no voodoo chanting, no blood sacrifice, no email addresses and no cash required to download that script. It's absolutely free.

Now what if you want to exponentially speed up the viral process of your visitors telling their friends who in turn tell more friends and so on, perpetually?

You simply add another element to this already powerful viral twist - the element of Time!

Have you watched the horror movie "The Ring"? If you have, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Time (Deadline) + Irresistible Incentive to pass on the Viral Message = Nuclear Explosion of your Marketing Virus!

Simply tell your visitors that they have only a certain number of days to get their friends to visit your website or else you'll take away your incentive bonuses forever. But they still get to purchase your product at that special discounted price, of course, as a gesture of goodwill.

About The Author

Mohamad Latiff is the Notorious Inventor of the Traffic Time Bomb, the Weapon of Mass Traffic that is going to crash your servers in 21 days by blasting a potential 1,048,576 visitors to your website unless you stop it by going to

This article was posted on October 09, 2006
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