How To Use Shopping Bots With Your Home Business
By: Larry Potter

As an online business owner, attracting qualified traffic -- people who are already interested in buying your product or

service -- is fundamental to your success.

An increasingly popular way to get that cheap, qualified traffic you're always after comes in the form of "shopping bots."

And they're becoming more valuable all the time as consumers become more confident buying products on the Internet... and

become more savvy about researching their options online.

Shopping bots are like search engines, except that instead of just finding information, they are designed to help shoppers

locate the products or services they are looking for on the Internet.

In much the same way as search engines provide searchers with links to web sites, shopping bot sites list specific product

information so shoppers can compare features and prices.

The term "bot" comes from the search engine "robots" that comb web sites looking for information to index -- in this case

product and pricing information and direct links to the corresponding sites where consumers can make a purchase.

They're popular with consumers, as bots allow them to easily compare prices of the product they're looking for -- saving them

the time they'd spend looking through lots of individual web sites to find the best price. Some shopping bots also allow

consumers to leave reviews for others to read about particular products.

And because shopping bots cater to people who are actively looking to buy, the traffic your web site can attract through them

is extremely targeted... and potentially very valuable.

Of course, this means that shopping bots can be an excellent way for you to promote your products, allowing your potential

customers to find out exactly what you have to offer -- and how to get it.

Through shopping bots, you, the online retailer, can reap the benefits of...

* Relatively cheap, or even free, listings

* Exposure to consumers who are actively searching for your products and who are in a buying frame of mind

* Direct links from your listing to the relevant product page on your web site -- not just your home page

Popular shopping bots include Google's Froogle (still on beta release), Yahoo! Shopping, and Shopzilla (formerly BizRate).

And, with the news that AOL are about to launch a shopping search engine, it's clear that shopping bots are here to stay --

meaning they should be an essential part of your Internet marketing plan.

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This article was posted on October 11, 2006
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