I Will Never Quit My MLM - Maybe You Should!
By: Dale Calvert

First let me say that an “I will never quit” attitude is absolutely positively mandatory if you ever expect to make it in the Network Marketing industry. So don’t just look at the title of this article and say Dale Calvert is telling people to quit MLM!

What I am going to attempt to communicate in this article is a very subtle reality, but a reality you must deal with.

For years we taught people to “Get in, Stay in, and Plug in” and success would eventually come your way. All MLM Gurus are constantly reminding their team to “Never Quit”. The question is; are they saying “Never Quit” to preserve their residual check or to insure your success?

Let me say that again. Are they saying “Never Quit” to preserve their residual check, or to insure your success? I believe in your heart of hearts, you know the answer and their intentions.

Before I go any further let me say one more time:

An “I will never quit” attitude is absolutely positively mandatory if you ever expect to make it in the Network Marketing industry!

I can hear some of you thinking, Dale what are you trying to say? As I mentioned earlier, for years we pounded our organization with the phrase “Get in, Stay in and Plug in” not “Get in and Stay In” & not constantly telling them to “Never Quit”

You may be thinking, what’s the big deal, or what’s the difference? The subtle difference is something you must recognize and could be the difference between success and failure for you within this industry.

The words Plug in, implies that there is a system, a path to follow, that will ultimately lead to success. You see just signing an application, ordering your monthly auto ship and attending all training functions WILL NOT CREATE SUCCESS as many upline gurus wish for you to believe.

If they don’t have a PROVEN, Duplicatable system that can be done by the masses, that you are able to plug in to, learn, grow, develop and move forward, then you are basically wasting your time. You probably should quit and find an upline with a PROVEN System you can follow.

Has your upline provided you with proven prospecting and recruiting tools? Direct mail letters, sample newspaper ads, postcards, etc.

Do they have a simple Step 1-2-3 system to start your new people off right?

Do they have custom recognition programs for you and your team?

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

The industry is full of gurus who built their business on their own personality and work ethic and not with proven systems that can be duplicated by their team. See the difference?

These types of so called leaders many times are more interested in developing loyal followers than they are new leaders within their organization.

They are constantly reminding their team that only losers quit, and shun anyone who questions their training methods, or lack their of. There solution to every challenge is work harder or talk to more people, yet they have no proven systems to help you get in front of more people.

Many good people get caught up in the rah rah social aspects of this business and end up blindly following a personality leader with a “need to be worshipped” complex.

One of the most important keys for success in this industry is to PLUG IN to a proven system that is creating leaders. The right upline, with the right training systems in place is vital to your success. Unfortunately many times we are in too deep before we realize that the proven path simply isn’t anywhere to be found. When that reality hits you, it may be in your best interest to quit your MLM and find an upline with a system that can take you where you deserve to go.

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About The Author

Dale Calvert is president of Calvert Marketing Group a seminar, training and consulting company for the Network Marketing and Internet Marketing Industries. His "No Fluff" Ezine is subscribed to by over 40,000 Intelligent marketers, you can check out a free copy at http://www.MLMHelp.com.

This article was posted on October 12, 2006
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