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By: Stephen Sampson

Have you signed up for a new internet marketing business and still donít know what to do? You decided some time ago that you wanted to work from home but you didnít know how to get started and there is a lot of information out there.

Maybe you found the business that you want to be marketing but you are still confused about where to market on the internet. There is email marketing, safelist advertising, classified advertising, search engine advertising and the list goes on. You even wonder what a search engine is? Thereís a difference between free advertising and paid advertising. Thereís traffic exchanges and banner advertising.

One of the most important lessons I have ever learned is to have a system and keep track of what you do. If we look at the system, we have to be sure it can function not only for you and me but also for those that will become part of your business. After all, network marketing is a business design that is meant to have a network of people that work together for the growth of the business. The structure is as important as the products that are being marketed.

Letís put the products to the side for the purpose of this article. The reason for this is because many of us have different companies that we are marketing products for and our purpose is to be a conveyance of products from the producer to the consumer, nothing more. When talking about a marketing system, we are talking about a system to introduce potential business owners to participate in one or more various aspects of the network marketing business. While talking about the marketing system, we are also talking about a marketing training program as well and this article is a component of an internet marketing training program.

We will break it down to a very simple form. Iím going to take one aspect and that is list building. With this aspect, we will not get into advertising techniques except to remind ourselves that it is the internet advertising and also offline advertising (such as newspaper advertising and mail order advertising) that function to bring list building to fruition.

ďTHE MONEY IS IN THE LIST.Ē This is the one statement to remember if you forget everything else in your internet marketing training. Whether we are talking about network marketing, internet marketing, direct sales or any other marketing program, business is conducted by people working with people. This even goes for traditional business. What is the most powerful form advertisement? Word of mouth! In business, when you satisfy your customer, you will get 5, 10 maybe 20 referrals. When you let your customer down or act unprofessional, they will tell EVERYONE they know.

List building. List building is the number one activity for any business owner or network marketer. How you go about this is probably another 1500 articles! Letís keep it simple. The reason for putting someone on your list is so you ďhopefullyĒ have a customer for life. You introduce yourself through your advertising and invite the prospect to join your list. Maybe you didnít get that. This is the most important line in this article. Read it again: (You introduce yourself through your advertising and invite the prospect to join your list.) No matter how it happens, you are asking your prospect to join your list and they agree. This agreement could be in the form of them filling out a form on a website to sending an email to an autoresponder. Your goal is to add as many good quality prospects to your mailing list as possible so you can keep in touch with them through your mail system. Your mailing system could be them joining your opt-in mail, autoresponder, newsletter, ezine or etc.

Thereís 2 distinct factors of your mailing list. First, you are advertising to invite new prospects to your mailing list. The second factor of your mailing list is mailing follow up messages to the people that agreed to join your list. Once you have your business(es) up and running, the people on your list are valuable to you. As an established internet marketer, each member of your list has an average monthly value to you. One major marketer commented that each member of his list is worth $1 per month on average. This doesnít mean everyone on his list sent him $1 every month but this is the average across everyone that was on his list. If this was a market average, this would mean you could estimate making $1,000 if your list had 1,000 members on it. Of course, you have to have the business or sales opportunities and mailings to your list to make this happen.

Now that you see the value of your mailing list, all you need to do is build it. For the purpose of this article, all I wanted to do is show you the value of your mailing list and the importance of having a ďSystemĒ to build that mailing list with. Letís go one step further. Remember, I mentioned how you go about building that mailing list can be about 1500 articles? Letís keep it simple. Instead of going all over the internet looking for 1500 articles (most of them wonít serve your purpose), keep in touch for more marketing tidbits of information. We will discuss building that mailing list with a generic marketing system. Further, the marketing system is designed to market any business that you are promoting. (We hope you are promoting a valid marketing program as well.)

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This article was posted on October 07, 2006
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