The 5 BEST Ways to Get Free Traffic
By: Angela McClellan

If youíre anything like me youíve spent your time and money trying to get traffic to your website but youíve either failed to get the number of hits you thought or the traffic you did get was virtually worthless. Iíve spent countless hours using traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, web rings, posting on message boardsÖall to very limited results. Thatís when I decided it was time to find new methods without having to break my budget. Here are the methods Iíve found to be the most effective:

1. Articles Ė This is one of the best ways of getting free traffic to your site. Write an article that pertains to the content on your site and submit it to the hundreds of article sites. There are many webmasters and Ezine owners looking for fresh content. As long as you include a link to your site when they use your article on their site not only will you get inbound links to your site on many different pages you will also get free target visitors from people who read your article. Canít write? No problem, there are hundreds of PLR articles available, however writing your own article is always the best as it also builds your credibility.

2. JV sites Ė Join one of the many JV sites available and add a link to your site. All you need is something to offer, software, articles, eBooks are all great choices as are free subscriptions. When people access your free gift they also sign up for your mailing list, just be sure to always include a link back to your website.

3. EBooks Ė Write an eBook with links back to your site and offer resale or give-away rights, every time some sells or gives your eBook away it will have those links back to your site. Once again this gets you very targeted traffic as the reader is interested in the content of your site.

4. Email and Forum signatures Ė Check with forum rules before using this one. Donít use banners or flashy graphics, most people just ignore them, instead include a one line text add with a link. Keep it short and sweet, youíll be surprised at how many of your friends and family will click the link just to see what your doing. In forums, use meaningful posts, if people like what youíve said theyíre likely to visit your site.

5. Word of Mouth Ė Tell everyone about your site, carry business cards with your website on them and hand them out everywhere. I canít begin to tell you how many leads Iíve gotten while grocery shopping. Ok, so this isnít COMPLETELY free but itís close enough especially considering you can get 250 business cards from Vista Print for less than $5 and youíll get a lot more traffic than that if you had out your cards everywhere you go. You donít have to be pushy, just tell them you have a website and ask them to visit it.

These arenít the only ways of generating free traffic to your website but they are the methods that have been most effective in my experience. Donít waste time with traffic exchanges (or at least not more than a few minutes a day) instead do something constructive: write an article or eBook, join a JV site, use your signatures, and tell EVERYONE about your site. Good luck and lots of traffic!

Angela McClellan
Iím a Work at Home Mom

About The Author

Angela McClellan is a Work at Home Mom of 3 beautiful boys. She is the author of the website I'm a Work at Home Mom which has been running since October 2003.

This article was posted on October 16, 2006
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