Use a Funded Proposal to Build Your Network Marketing Business Quickly, Easily, and Inexpensively
By: Bill Briggs

Have you ever attempted to build a Network Marketing business? Did you achieve the results you wanted or expected? If not, you are among 95% of the other people who have attempted to succeed at Network Marketing.

The problems are lack of marketing knowledge and not using a true duplicatable system to the fullest extent possible.

You may have had wonderful products to sell. However, products never sell themselves and they do not build down lines. They do however, sustain down lines.

Leadership and marketing systems sell products and build down lines.

Network Marketing is all about marketing, training, and promotion. Unfortunately, it is pursued by people who do not know how to market, train, and promote. 95% of the people doing Network Marketing are doing everything wrong. This business is all about marketing. When you do it right, you do not have to sell and anyone can duplicate.

What are people looking for who are investigating a network marketing opportunity? The answer is simple: They are looking to solve a problem. That is all. When they look at the typical network marketing opportunity they see an initiation fee, recurring product purchases, lots of negativity from their warm market, and marketing or advertising expenses. This creates a problem for them, not solve one.

A Funded Proposal system is all about marketing. When you do it right, you will always succeed and anyone can duplicate your success by plugging into the system. A Funded Proposal system is also about solving problems.

Using a Funded Proposal system, your network marketing company (the primary business) comes last, not first. The system works every time no matter what network marketing company, if any, you are working. It creates solutions for your prospectís problems. They are:

1. Building businesses
2. Building a prospect list
3. Generating leads and
4. Showing a profit.

It becomes a reliable source for your prospects and your down line.

By using a Funded Proposal system, you and your down line have all of the free training they need to be able to build your businesses by using Internet Marketing techniques. All you have to do is plug yourself and your down line into it.

Then you use low to medium cost affiliate programs to provide you with a customizable web site, hosting, e-mail services, quality lead generation, and a compensation plan that pays for your marketing and other expenses as well as making you a profit. Your down line and new recruits also begin to build their affiliate businesses and make money. This creates trust. Once this occurs you can introduce your people to your primary network marketing business.

Once you and your down line are up to speed on the system, it is not unusual for each of you to recruit 15 to 25 people per week. I know people who average 50 new recruits per week. Very few people drop out of this system.

So there you have it. Network marketing the way it should be done--without all the stress of presentations and recruiting the hard way. It works and it works well. I hope to see you there.

About The Author

Bill Briggs has been a network marketer for about ten years and has experienced various level of success, some excellent. Funded Proposal has helped him build a permanent career. If you wish more information regarding a Funded Proposal and access to free tools and training, sign up for free at Please be sure to listen to the personal message from Joel and Paul.

This article was posted on October 07, 2006
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