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Banner Ads - Do They Work?
by J.R.Orsoni/Jmar Marketing Concepts

We are bombarded daily by well-constructed campaigns to sell us banner ads by the ton... and I must admit, some of these ideas boarder on genius.  But alas, that effort could have been better spent on restoring an old Model T Ford.  

According to the Madison Avenue and Silcon Valley experts, banner ads rank a dismal last behind all advertising mediums.  

Let's examine what goes on at a web site filled with banner ads.  The first thing that comes to mind is that banner ads redirect the visitor's attention and direction to another site.  In so doing they do not providing a service for the site hosting the banner; one reason many owners are reluctant to add them. 

Secondly, banner ads are mostly overlooked... intentionally.  Latest statistics show that banners are mostly in the way and there is an ever-increasing amount of software that removes them from view.  An interesting study done recently explains that animated banners are not tolerated by men over 30 while women in that same age group are not adverse to them.  

Last but not least, the cost effectiveness is extremely low.  Return on your advertising dollar investment will be much greater with opt-in email or e-zine advertising or link exchanges.  

PrePaid banner ads while well done will not do the job for you, I'm afraid to say.  If you must use banner ads incorporate text links that pack a punch in "rich" wording.  Take our example to your left.  Note the "Power Sell Words" link.  The wording conjures up visions of strength, they are commanding and dominant not to speak of the "click-throughs". 

Use banners only when they are inexpensive, and when it's the only way to get the job done. 

Article by J.R. Orsoni