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Keeping Your Cool: It's Good Net Business Sense
by J.R. Orsoni/Jmar Marketing Concepts

We all have our likes, dislikes as well as various methods of 
accomplishing tasks and goals. The Internet seems to bring out the 
good and bad in all of us. It's important to keep in mind that 
doing business on the Internet is not only different then the 
real world, but it also leaves a virtual paper trail, making it 
even more important to conduct business as accurately as possible.

Here's a few points to ponder.

Don't Over-Exaggerate

1. Never make claims you cannot back up. It may be tempting to lie
about your income or your level of success but you should remember 
that you will connect you to thousands of people in your downline. 
You only need to burn one of them and that message will spread across 
your network like wildfire. If that happens you may as well sell your 
computer and go and get a job because there won't be any future f
or you online. 

Answering email promptly

2. Don't ignore people when they mail questions to you. Try to reply 
as fast as you possibly can so that they can see you really do care 
about your team. 

Open your eyes

3. Never reply to anyone that sends you any abusive message. No matter
how much you are in the right, you will only start a war if you rise to
the bait. It is better to rise above the temptation to argue or get
revenge and spend your time on things that are more productive.

Patience is a virtue 

4. Don't get angry with Internet beginners. The internet is still 
young and new people are hooking up to it consistently. It is inevitable that plenty will join your downline. If the questions they ask seem to be stupid and a waste of your time, spare a thought for what you were like when you first got started and try to help them through using non-technical terms whenever possible. 

Stick to the point and make it clear.

5. When writing the text to promote your business, try not to be too clever. If you keep it short and simple you will stand a much greater chance of success. Remember that the purpose of an ad is only to make someone curious enough to go to the next step which is to seek more information.  

Read between the lines

6. Don't be tricked into sending information about your opportunity in
response to anyone who mails you with "Hi, I saw your ad and would
appreciate you sending me some detailed information about your
product as I am always on the lookout for good products. In the meantime
perhaps you may be interested in looking into... (they list their product 
here)". This is poorly disguised form of spam and if you do reply to it, you will 
have added yourself to a spammer's database. 

Learn spammer's tricks

8. If anyone writes back to you pretending to have seen your offer but
making a counter offer, watch out for the line that says "To be removed
from our mailing list, please send a mail to the address below with
REMOVE in the subject line." That is another spammer's trick for
confirming deliverable addresses. 

Stay focused

9. Despite all your best intentions, you are going to come
across some people who will attempt to derail you from your
goals. There's tons of people out there that seem to get their
kicks by raining on your parade. Don't let them get to you. As
soon as you hear someone telling you why you can't be successful
just ignore them and break contact. They will be a drain on 
your energy and you're going to need that to fuel your fire as 
well as the people moving forward with you. 


Just make sure that you have carefully edited all
your letters with your own contact information and story where
necessary...then...cameras ready, ACTION!! 

Article written by J.R. Orsoni/JMC/Jmar Marketing Concepts
Copyright 2000  All rights reserved.