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Power Sell Marketing System for Pre-Paid Legal associates

Are you becoming frustrated by lackluster sales through your online marketing efforts? 

Don't feel you know enough about online marketing to be successful?   

Take heart, it's probably not your fault, but the tools you're working with.   

Did you realize that the tools provided by Pre-Paid Legal (your associate web sites) are very cluttered and do not support online sales.  Pre-Paid sites contain great information which is designed to TAKE ORDERS not to sell the product online.  As online buyers we know it takes a different strategy.

To clarify, here are some examples:

1.  Pre-Paid legal associate sites don't contain meta tags.  This means that you can't submit it to search engines to obtain the necessary traffic.  (Meta tags are the directions search engines us to electronically catalog your site for inclusion into their web pages).

2.  Content and links on Pre-Paid Legal associate sites are very crowded making them hard to read and understand.  Since most surfers, (in this case, vital prospects), are not very patient people they will give up 6 to 13 seconds of their time and if they don't find what they're looking for will leave and usually never return.  After all, there are millions of sites to visit why should they come back to you?  

A visitor referred from your email has to have patience as well as a burning desire to find the information you told him to find,because it's usually buried in a sea of text and links.

3.  Pre-Paid Legal associate sites overlook such marketing tools such as popup windows (they increase sales by as much as 500%), SEM (sequential email marketing that keeps in touch with your prospect and builds loyalty for months - automatically), important data base storage, defined linking and more. These are the very backbone of any successful online marketing effort.

4.  Essential email follow up is also overlooked.  We all know how important follow up is to our business and we know how time consuming it can be.  The internet has the unique capability of providing automatic follow up which can save time and provide you the opportunity to concentrate on creating more wealth. 

By using our Power Sell Marketing System as the center of their online marketing efforts, our associates have been very successful.  If you have been struggling with these very problems maybe it's time to consider your own Power Sell Marketing System.

Each system contains:

1.  Instant messaging capabilities that follow the visitor, even when he's into your Pre-Paid Legal company site, so he can instant message you immediately.  A bell rings on your computer telling you that a visitor is on your site.  If he wants to chat live with you another distinctive ring will be heard and you're connected.  If you're not at your computer, and you don't have to be, the chat window will turn into an email messaging system.

2.  Popup window to gather names and information.  Statistics prove that popups increase sales by as much as 500%.  Information gathered from popup web forms (the part of the page used to input name email address etc), is sent to you almost immediately and also directly into a database where they await the SEM system email.

3.  Target advertising pages.  We've included target pages to focus your ads on certain areas of the product and demographics.   These are:

          a. Free Legal Information-promoting the free resource center.

          b. Free Will-promoting membership.

          c. Associates page-promoting associate sign ups.

4. Complete meta tag ready.  Each Power Sell System site comes complete with professionally done meta tags; these are directions to electronic cataloging software to approve your site for listing in search engines.

5. SEM (Sequential Email Messaging system) complete with ten messages in two categories: membership recruitment, associate recruitment as well as two newsletters insertions.

6. Autoresponder.  Each web form contains one autoresponder which is set to send out a confirmation message within 6 to 10 minutes of submission.  The SEM system then follows up by sending out two sets of ten emails (one for associates and one for memberships with a newsletter inserted into the associates), within a period of  seven weeks, all automatically freeing you from the dirty tasks. It's like having an employee doing it all for you.

7. Database storage-we store all your email addresses in case of computer 

8.  Defined linking to specific areas of your Pre-Paid Legal associate site gets your prospects to the specific area without diffusing their focus. Test defined linking,  it's absolutely necessary to make a Pre Paid Legal sale.

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