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Your Pre-Paid Legal sites: http://www.Pre-Paidlegal/info/yourname and http://www.Pre-Paidlegal/go/yourname, are designed to TAKE ORDERS and track those orders so that you get credit for your sales. They are not marketing sites in themselves.

In order to generate web traffic to your Pre-Paid Legal sites, you MUST create Mirror Sites or Gateway pages, that can attract new customers from Search Engines, Classified Ads and the like. A carefully put together Mirror Site will help you gain customers and subagents through the internet. This article deals specifically with Mirror Sites that are NOT FREE (but very inexpensive). 

For as little as $16.95/month, you can establish your own online identity and give your visitors a very PROFESSIONAL first impression. In my opinion, this is becoming increasingly important as competition on the web continues to increase, forcing us as sales agents, to author web sites that are professional, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. 
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Mirror sites increase traffic


The obvious first step to launch your Targeted Mirror Site marketing campaign is to identify of the market niche you want to target. You may target people by geographic area, common interest, career choice, ethnicity, etc. Most importantly, you will need to do some research into which category various Pre-Paid Legal products appeal.  In so choosing be sure to choose a proper domain name that matches your needs.

Some possible target audiences and possible domain name fits include: (example sites in parenthesis)

Mirror Home page:

Senior citizens
Home businesses (
Truck Drivers (
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