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PrePaid Legal Power Sell Marketing System 

If you're not a member of Power Sell associates team, we will offer you the opportunity to obtain a Power Sell Marketing System. 

Here's all the details.  

If you already know the details, Click here to get a Power Sell site.

Are you being frustrated by lackluster online sales through your marketing effort?  Take heart, it's probably not your fault but the tools you're working with.   

Did you realize that the tool provided by PrePaid Legal (your associate web site) is not internet friendly and mostly contrary to proven online techniques?

To clarify, here are some examples:

1.  PrePaid legal sites don't contain meta tags.  This means that you can't submit it to search engines to obtain the necessary traffic.  (Meta tags are the directions for electronically cataloging your site to the search engines).

2.  PrePaid Legal associate sites are too crowded making them hard to read and understand.  Surfers are not very patient people.  They will provide 6 to 8 seconds of their time and if they don't find what they're looking for will leave and usually never return.  After all there are millions of sites to visit.  A visitor coming from your email has to have a lot patience as well as a burning desire to find the information because it's usually buried in a sea of text and links.

3.  PrePaid Legal associate sites don't contain any online marketing capabilities such as popup windows, SEM (sequential email marketing), data base storage. These are the very backbone of successful marketing.  

4.  Essential email follow up to the provided email address is not provided.  We all know how important follow up is and we know how time consuming it can be.  The internet has the most unique ability of providing automatic follow up to save you time and make you sales. 

By using our new PrePaid Legal marketing sites, our associates have been very successful.  If you have been struggling with these very problems maybe it's time to consider what we have to offer.

Each system contains:

1.  Instant messaging capabilities that follow the visitor even when he's into your PrePaid Legal company site.

2.  Popup window to gather names and information.  Statistics prove that popups increase sales by as much as 500%.

3.  Target advertising pages.  We've included target pages to focus your ads on certain areas of the product.   These are:

          a. Free Legal Information-promoting the free resource center.

          b. Free Will-promoting membership.

          c. Associates page-promoting associate sign ups.

4. Complete meta tag ready.

5. Complete email messaging system with email messages already created.

6. Autoresponder-automatically sends out confirmations to your visitors

7. Database storage-we store all your email addresses in case of computer 

8. Defined linking to specific areas of your PrePaid Legal associate site gets your prospects to the specific area without distraction. Test defined linking.

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