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Passive/aggressive Marketing
by J.R. Orsoni/JMC Jmar Marketing Concepts

From the periodic table chart of elements in chemistry to recipes for 
cooking trendy pasta meals, everything is in a constant state of change. 
It seems that nothing in life is more permanent than change. 

So too, methods of selling are constantly evolving. What worked last 
year may not work this year and what worked yesterday may not work today. 

The key ingredient in marketing is educating the prospective buyer 
by imparting clear and concise information in an interesting manner. 
More and more, informative is fast becoming the most necessary 
passive/aggressive marketing tool.

A good example of how selling tactics have evolved can be found in 
the automotive industry. We have all run across car salesman who 
were more aggressive than helpful. Some of the more aggressive 
ones would shake a prospect's hand and not let go until he had 
his or her name. 

As a result shoppers became suspect and withdrawn. When shoppers, are 
asked how they can be helped, almost without exception, they have been 
conditioned to answer, "I'm just looking". 

Today's savvy car salesman take a more passive approach, they create 
a pleasant, less aggressive atmosphere by being helpful and providing 
necessary unbiased product information. They no longer push the 
customer to buy on the first visit, they let him shop, ask questions 
and plant seeds encouraging a second visit. Car salesmen who have 
adopted this approach are setting sales records. 

It would be well worth our effort to transfer this concept into the 
Internet arena. Since there is no "face-to-face" interaction, we 
must substitute other tools necessary to plant the seeds that encourage 
a more detailed investigation in order to make the sale. 

The Internet was designed to impart information for educational purposes. 
How convenient and fortunate for marketing a product or service. 

Here are the three passive/aggressive ingredients

1.Create. 2.Impart. 3.Harvest.

Create the information
Make claims that are believable, non threatening while creating 
a desire to own the product or subscribe to the service. 

Some online marketing companies make unsupported claims. Most 
of us will not believe them but there are a number of gullible 
people out there that will. Be honest and state your claims in 
a logical, honest fashion. If the product or service is good 
fills a need and is reasonably priced, and the advertising campaign 
has been well laid out. 

Impart the information
There are many ways of getting your message out. Some of them 
include snail mail, email, (bulk or opt-in), E-zines, banner ads, links 
and partner programs. The most effective method in any passive 
marketing campaign is sequential emailing. By imparting the proper information, sequential emailing will produce the loyality necessary 
to make not only the first sale but follow up sales as well. Internet 
statistics prove that buyers who are exposed to this type of marketing become regular customers.

Harvest the results
This point may sound redundant or unnecessary but let me assure you 
that it is very important. Email address should be treated like gold 
because they are. They are the link between a first product sale and 
future sales with each customer. Each email address can be used to sell "back-end" products (products which are similar in nature to the 
first sale). 

Experts tell us that it is useless to send email to prospects that are not interested in the product. Further some get upset when they receive spam mail and that could spoil chances for future sales.

Information is the key to marketing on today's Internet. Patience and persistence is the underlying foundation. The term passive marketing can be thought of as being synonymous with sequential emailing.

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