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Secrets Of Email Marketing 

How many sales do you loose per month due to poor  and inconsistent follow up?

We've found a system that was recommended to us by Internet marketing experts and we'd like to pass it on to you, our associates.  If you're presently following up your leads by hand maybe it's time you started thinking about becoming automated. 


This automated email follow-up and database marketing system can automatically add contacts to your database from Unlimited Web forms and an unlimited amount email autoresponders. You can also upload contacts and add them manually. Then the system follows-up for you with personalized, targeted messages automatically.

The system will handle all of your PrePaid Legal (and any other products you may be marketing), while at the same time, building a targeted useable contact database automatically. 

Now, your targeted broadcast email marketing is a cinch. Simply filter (search) your database for category or what field you want through a comprehensive web browser interface. Simply select: send a personalized message, or move/add them to a new follow-up category, print, delete or have them sent to you in a file. The system is even your own personal secretary.  It sends you an email the night before, reminding you of all your tasks and appointments for the next day!  You'll never forget another call, appointment, anniversary, birthday, or important task again.

To maximize your profit per contact or Web visitor you simply must send follow-ups right away, days apart, then weekly and finally monthly. ANYTHING less is sloppy marketing and leaves your cash on the table.

This is "opt-in" database marketing for the 21st Century...simple, automated, and very powerful.

You must automate the mechanics of your PrePaid Legal business to compete and thrive online, or you'll be one of the 85% that don't make it...end of story.  Continue story