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Why Your Email Ads May Not Be Working
by J.R. Orsoni JMC/Jmar Marketing Concepts

Email is the vital backbone of marketing Pre-Paid Legal online. 

If you've been receiving less than acceptable responses from your email campaign perhaps it's time to think "out of the box"... so to speak.

Many emails don't provoke a response for reasons other than content.  It goes without saying that in order to produce a response, the email must be written effectively.  An effective email doesn't necessarily confine itself to grammar and content, it also refers to proper linking and spatial considerations. 

When providing a link in an email message, (this is a must since email is meant not to sell, but to encourage the reader to seek more information at your web site), the link must be clear and easy to read and click on.  

The following example is not only too long, it stands the chance of getting corrupt in the sending process as well as the technical limitations of many email clients to handle the length as a hot link.  This lengthy targeted link to my personal "legal resources" portion of my associate site is not conducive to good emailing protocol.  


What's your opinion of this link?  Does it create a statement of purpose? Would it support a call to action or would the following stand a better chance of evoking a response?



Which would you rather have?

AOL Users

Since AOL has over 50% of all internet users in the United States it's imperative that you use AOL links.  To create an AOL link the code is as follows:

<a href="http://www.address goes in">text goes here</a>

Here's what it looks like when an address is inserted into the red sections

<a href="
">AOL users click here</a>

Psychologists have proven that the human brain is not capable of reading and understanding long lines of text.  How many times have you opened an email or even a web site only to find that it takes up the entire left to right space. 

Proper email writing should be only 65 characters in length.  This affords everyone the opportunity of understanding it no even if their email client is opening is a very tiny window as is the case with many computer users.

Abiding by these simple rules will increase your responses a tremendous amount.  Try it on your next email.